Rolet, Sweet magic of Words

Rolet :

In Rolet, you taste the Sweet Magic of Words along with various characters. You can win valuable prizes in online competition with others. You can also strengthen your intelligence and memory with Rolet. And what’s more, you are helping Maziar solve a tangled puzzle.

Follow the story to the end to feel the sweet taste of roulette and have a clue of this strange and complicated story.

This game records the top list, so find your place in the game compared to other people and show who knows better more than the others.

The good news is the online part of the game has also been launched, warm yourself up to test your intelligence in a close competition with tough competitors.

Via the download button available on the home page or click here Download the rollet game and enjoy.

Rolet features

A fascinating story!

A fascinating word game with fictional mode!

Online competition!

Online mode with valuable prizes

Diverse modes!

Three different modes for single-player sector

Results chart!

Top users chart

Stunning design!

Very beautiful and spectacular graphics

Pleasant characters!

More than 12 charming and lovely characters

Good and musical atmosphere!

fantastic music and spaces

Simple and special!

Simple, different and addictive

Exciting levels!

Hundreds of fascinating and engaging levels

Vocabulary bomb!

Increasing the level of vocabulary with thousands of words

Prevent Alzheimer’s!

Help increase intelligence and memory

Information treasure!

Improving the level of knowledge and increasing accuracy and punctuation


Contests And Prizes

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October Awards


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Rolet, Sweet magic of Words In Rolet, you taste the Sweet Magic of Words along with various characters.  You can ...


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