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Rolet, Sweet magic of Words

In Rolet, you taste the Sweet Magic of Words along with various characters.  You can win valuable prizes in online competition with others. You can also strengthen your intelligence and memory with Rolet. And what’s more, you are helping Maziar solve a tangled puzzle.

Follow the story to the end to feel the sweet taste of roulette and have a clue of this strange and complicated story.

This game records the top list, so find your place in the game compared to other people and show who knows better more than the others.

The good news is the online part of the game has also been launched, warm yourself up to test your intelligence in a close competition with tough competitors.

Contests and prizes: (Table and leaderboard with the ability to change weekly and monthly)

Rolet is the first Iranian online puzzle game and word tray.

Different parts of Rolet





Game features and strengths

Puzzle and word tray

• Smooth and bug-free

• Attractive animations

• User-friendly graphics to match with the mood of Iranian players

• Balancing the game in stages (difficulty level, etc.)

• High number of stages and interesting division of the game

A fascinating word game

Online mode with valuable prizes

 Three different modes for single-player

Top users table

Very beautiful and spectacular graphics

The Only word game a with story mode

More than 12 charming and lovely characters

good and musical atmosphere

Simple, different and addictive

Hundreds of fascinating and engaging levels

Thousands of words

Help increase intelligence and memory

Improve the level of information and vocabulary

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