Increase Intelligence with Brain Teasers

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If you want to be known as a smart person, always play these few brain teasers.

Playing the following games, along with eating the proper foods and exercising can increase your mental health and intellectual power by up to 78%. Why not making an effort?

  1. Writing the colors

Read the names of the colors out loud and write them.

  • 2.     7 words rule

Use your imagination, tell a short story that contains only 7 words, not more.

  • Opposite direction

Do your daily chores with your opposite preference hand. For example, if you are right-handed, do it with your left hand, and vice versa. Chores such as brushing, combing hair, eating food and …

  • Find the pictures

This method helps increase visual search skill. Spend 30 seconds for each of these symbols, and see how many times the symbols at the top of the table are repeated in the table.

  • Learn the items in the picture by heart

Stare at an image for 1 minute, then put it aside and try to write down whatever you remember.

Repeat it for the second time.

Weren’t you better?

  • Taking notes

Get used to taking notes. Take notes whenever you receive important information, for example, when you go to the doctor, lawyer and any stressful situation, you can calm your mind by taking notes.

  • Count the numbers down.

Here is a brain exercise that will help your mind.

Do the following three exercises.

  • Start from 200, count down, and subtract 5 from each number, in other words, count down by 5.
  • Start from 150, count down, and subtract 7 from each number, in other words, count down by 7.
  • Start from 100, count down, and subtract 3 from each number, in other words, count down by 3.

The games mentioned above are some examples of brain teasers   games that increase intelligence.

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